Alex Oppenheim

Raising Money with Reborn Angel

Good tidings!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of our Reborn Angel limted edition gin charity auction! The auction is now live and thanks to the very generous sponsorship from our dear friends at Counting King, Roberts Vain Wilshaw, The Offices, Terence Anderson and ZenTec Network Solutions we are able to pass 100% of the proceeds raised directly to Coffee4Craig, a charity which provides vital support for Manchester’s homeless and people in crisis. The charity operates an out of hours’ drop-in service in the heart of Manchester city centre, providing much needed hot food, showers, food parcels and medical support for the city’s homeless.

The painted bottles feature a laser engraved artwork representing a reborn angel – rising again to start a new and better life and the design also incorporates the famous Manchester Bee. The unique gin combines 16 botanicals including grains of paradise, Szechuan pepper, orange peel and angelica creating a smooth, aromatic, sweet citrus flavour with a rich, spiced finish.

You can place a bid on a bottle of Reborn Angel Limited Edition Gin here. Not only do the lucky winners get a bottle of fantastic artisan gin, but they will also be helping to support some of Manchester’s most vulnerable people.

Until next time dear friends…

Curious Cat.

Chef Louisa Ellis Gin

Greeting Friends!

It’s been a week of highs and lows for myself, I do hope you are in a finer fettle! With our beloved White Rabbit still out of sight I have been forced to turn my mind to other subjects to avoid further melancholy. I just hope he turns up in time for his favourite weekend of the year, Easter…

Onto more postive news…

Myself and my fine team have been working very dilligently behind the scenes on our very first collaboration. We have partnered with the incredibly talented Chef Louisa Ellis to create an esquisite new gin based on a special flavour combination that feature on her celebrated menus.

Her Yuzu & Sichuan Pepper Gin is available exclusively from our online shop. This delectable gin combines 17 botanicals including Yuzu, orange peel, Sichuan pepper, grains of paradise and angelica to create an exceptionally smooth, aromatic, sweet citrus gin with a rich, spiced finish.

It comes with my stamp of approval, sip yourself away on a magical journey for your tastebuds… you can add it to your basket here.

Wishing you a long weekend of merriment and relaxation…

Curious Cat.

Curious Cat needs your help

Dear friends… Far from my usual jovial self, today I have found it prudent to pen this urgent request for your help!

My eccentric sidekick White Rabbit has gone missing and has not ben seen or heard from since late last night. I am beside myself with concern for my furry little companion. May I say it is completely out of character for White Rabbit to show any level of independence, let along to seek adventure.

The timing could not be more troublesome as it comes at his favourite time of year, Easter! He was last seen talking to that dastadly rogue March Hare… who we all know is a devil for troublemaking and general mischief.

He has also just helped me launch our superb new Limited Edition Chcolate Orange Gin, which makes me wonder whether his seemingly constant sampling of this delectable delight has hindered his already not excessive senses!!

Therefore I am offering a reward for information of his whereabouts. Mad Hatter and I have been in conversation and are convinced he must be somewhere in and around the distillery.

We need you, our loyal friends, to find any spare time you may have to search our shop for any clues that will reveal his whereabouts. I will happily reward you generously if you can locate him.

Good luck and thank you…

Curious Cat.

Chocolate Orange Gin

Good tidings to you all!

I come bearing very exciting news! I am exceedingly proud to have launched my brand new Limited Edition Chcolate Orange Gin!

My Chocolate Orange Gin is sure to prove very popular indeed with it’s silky smooth chocolately taste combined with it’s vibrant orange juiciness. It’s my personal ode to that classic spherical treat we have all come to know and love – the Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

It’s a moreish delight served neat with ice or accompanied with the very special Fevertree Clementine Indian Tonic and a generous slice of fresh orange, althouth fear not, any premium indian tonic will compliment it just as well.

For the many fans of my much fabled Mocha Flavoured Gin you are definitely in for a treat with this new offering I bestow upon you!

With Easter bearing down upon us with great haste I would heartily recommend this supuurrb tipple for an ideal Easter treat – but be warned, once you indulge in a mouthful you may aquire an irresistable urge for more!

It also makes for an ideal gift, arriving encased in one of my luxorious gift boxes which are included in it’s cost!

You can find out more about this wonderful new limited edition gin here.

Until next time my dear friends…

Curious Cat.

Virtual Gin Tasting Sessions

Good tidings friends!

A very exciting development has lightened my mood of late and I feel at liberty to divulge this most exceptional of news!

As a fan of all things gin, there is nothing I find more invigorating than a good old fashioned gin tasting session, be it with a gaggle of close friends or in the company of complete strangers!

For me, nothing quite compares to the exhilaration of learning something new whilst also enjoying my favourite tipple – oh, the wonder never ceases!

Curious Cat Distillery - Virtual Gin Tasting box - delivered to participants

I am therefore very proud to introduce to you, my most learned friends, the launch of my beloved Curious Cat Distillery’s very own virtual tasting sessions. Whilst we are unable to meet in person during these most curious of times this is the ideal substitute for our beloved social gatherings and the puurrfect cure for loneliness!

As well as a delightful evening in the company of friends (arranged at your leisure, of course!) hosting your very own Private Virtual Gin Tasting we have also launched the first of, what will be, regular Open Virtual Gin Tastings. The latter will allow individual gin lovers the chance to join an ecclectic mix of like minded drink enthusiasts on a journey of discovery and merriment – indulging in a comprehensive range of our favourite gin products.

Our resident mixologist and all round purveyor of fine taste, charm and wit, Pedro

Every event will be hosted by our charming, charismatic resident mixologist and all round gin expert Pedro. He will guide you though the range of products that we will conveniently send directly to every participants door, offering insights on complimentary tonics and garnishes for each of these incredible, artisan delights. Cocktail suggestions can also be gleamed from this master of the art of mixology, so don’t be shy and retiring during the tasting session to ask any questions, however pertinent or otherwise!

Spaces for our first ever Open Virtual Gin Tasting on the 26th February are limited to 20 households so please don’t dally and book your place today.

Wishing you adieu for now, my friends…

Curious Cat.