Curious Cats Story

Curious Cat Loves Great Gin & Rum

Curious Cat lovingly creates his award winning artisan gin & rum in small batches to exacting standards. A unique blend of botanicals are carefully chosen from around the world and infused in his finest neutral grain spirit to create his distinctive, smooth, flavour.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality…”

Join us for a trip down the rabbit hole away from reality and enjoy some tantalising hand crafted spirits.

Curious Cats Formula

Cats are very particular creatures and Curious Cat insists on an exacting process to imbue a rich and smooth flavour. For his London Dry Gins he uses a unique blend of botanicals which are infused in a 96% ABV neutral spirit to extract the oils.

The subtle changes of the seasons are balanced with precision to ensure consistency of the highest quality, craft distilled gin.

Curious Cat uses only natural flavours and colourings and there are no added sugars.

This has led to him to be awarded 7 internationally recognised awards for his products, including multiple Great Taste Awards and a Gine Guide FInalist accolade since 2021.