Alex Oppenheim

Mothers Day Gift Tips

Greetings my friends – I do trust this week has been kind to you!

Today I’d like to impart some of my knowledge of Mother’s Day. A yearly expression of gratitude to the most important woman in your life – be sure to make it the most special of occasions for her, regardless of whether our current situation allows for you to be with her in person!

I have collated some supuurrb suggestions to ensure that you can excel in the gifting department, forget about the old, and frankly tired, card and bunch of flowers – this year why not do Mothering Sunday the Curious Cat way!


Gin is not traditionally known as “mother’s ruin” for no reason – for centuries it was the go-to tipple for many a lady, especially for the ones minding children! So, for Mother’s Day this year why not treat her to a bottle of one of my wonderful gins? I can also ensure delivery to her door (or to you directly, if you are fortunate enough to be able to present yourself in person bearing presents) and arrange for a thoughtful gift message adorning the neck of the bottle with ribbon. All you need to do is let me know what you want to say and we will do the rest!

What better way to show how dear your mother is to you then gifting her with a bottle of my delicious pink gin, bursting with fresh strawberries? My Queen Of Hearts is is fresh Pink Gin which combines botanicals such as strawberry and kaffir lime leaves, thus creating a morish, bittersweet symphony!

Forget a boring flower arrangement – this floral delight will really brighten up her Mothering Sunday! My Palma Violet flavoured gin is a bright, luminous, floral artisan spirit. I balance fresh, floral notes with the crisp tang of juniper to create a beautifully complex finish.

What do you get the special lady in your life that has everything? A bottle of colour changing berry gin, of course! My limited edition Wonderland gin is packed full of fresh berries flavour. Behold the magic when it is served over ice and combined with any mixer of your choice – this very special colour changing gin will transform from blue to pink before her very eyes!

On making your heartfelt purchase you can also conveniently add a gift box to your order at checkout, thus elevating that bottle delivery with beautiful, luxury gift packaging! Please note… my Wonderland gin already comes in a gift box as standard.

Struggling to decipher which of my collection of gin would be her favourite tipple? Well, fear not my dear friend, I’ve got it covered! Take a look at my delightful tasting sets for my Flavoured and London Dry collections. We have options such as the ever popular 5x5cl London Dry Tasting Set (we also stock a 5x20cl London Dry Tasting Set for superior spoiling!) and 6x5cl Flavoured Tasting Set (and again, it’s comes in the much larger 6x20cl variety too!)


If you are able to pay a visit to your mum in person, why not bring her the gift of masterful mixology? We have created an eclectic selection of amazing, easy to make cocktail recipes to suit any taste! Why not stock up on the ingredients required in advance and arrive ready to craft delicious cocktails this Mothering Sunday?

I strongly recommend our Royal Spritz, The Flying Violet and, of course, a simple G & T made with my Wonderland Gin – delicious and also with the extra wow factor when served!


Even if you are unable to meet in person this Mother’s Day or the foreseeable future, you can always enjoy an evening together gin tasting! I can arrange for a Private Virtual Gin Tasting Session for your family to reunite under the expert guidance of our resident mixologist Pedro at a time and date to suit you. Wherever your kin may be located presently it gives the opportunity for a fantastic evening together.

We also have another of our extremely popular Open Virtual Gin Tasting Sessions taking place on the 26th March. Why not treat your mother and yourself to a ticket? Our February event was a riotous success so I foresee places snapping up very quickly indeed, don’t dally if this idea proves irresistible!


For the ultimate gin based gift why not treat your dear mother with a membership to my friend Mad Hatter’s simply gin-credible Bizarre Lounge? His bi-monthly gin concierge service is an unparalleled gift and one that will be throghourly enjoyed throughout the year!

So, to surmise, be sure to make this years Mothering Sunday a very special one and please do make sure that you arrange your gift in good time to avoid disappointment. Remember, Mothering Sunday is next weekend (Sunday, 14th March) and I can personally guarantee delivery of any orders made before midnight Tuesday 9th March. In the words of my friend White Rabbit, “Don’t be late!”

Until next time my dear friends…

Curious Cat.


Good tidings!

As a cat myself I am always being asked the following question… “what have you been doing to stave away boredom and mental anguish during the many lockdowns we have faced?” Well, the answer has always been simple – I keep myself busy in my distillery creating my much loved craft gins and rums, of course! But what about the other, less fortunate, feline fraternity – those poor souls who have found themselves trapped within the confines of their human’s abodes?

Probably not a lot, I hear you say! Well, I am convinced that this is not the case. To prove this point and to also give myself some much needed light relief, I have come up with a supuurrb idea…

I concocted a plan to bring myself joy and merriment at the expense of human endeavour, combining their weakness for feline friendship (unrequited on the whole, may I say!) and their love of social media based giveaway competitions (insert evil laugh here…)!

I would there like to raise a toast to my new scheme, ahem, Instagram competition…


Humans, I would like to see funny photos and videos of your favourite feline friends at home! I will be watching your productions and taking note, with a selection process taking place on Monday, 22nd March. My favourite three clips will be rewarded with a FREE spot at our next Open Virtual Tasting Event taking place on the Friday 26th March. This prize includes delivery of 6x5cl bottles from my collection of artisan gins, a branded Curious Cat Distillery gin glass, tasting notes and a place at our virtual table! With an RRP of £45 and a chance for a free virtual night out I would say it is a no brainer!

All you have to do to enter is create and upload a photo or video of your cat(s) engaged in strange, funny or down right bizarre activity within your home to Instagram – it’s as simple as that.

To be considered your photo or video must:
A. Be funny or seriously strange
B. Be uploaded as a post or shared as a story on Instagram (or both, each will count as an entry!)
C. Include #mylockdowncat and please do make sure you tag me in @cheshirecatdistillery

I look forward to your entries and the joy it will bring myself and my friends. We will also be sharing our favourites on our story too!

Goodbye and good luck…

Curious Cat.

“The Gin To my Tonic”

Greeting friends!

It’s been a very different Christmas for most of us this year, as I am sure you will agree!
However, like a lot of you, I found myself with time on my paws and put it to good use…

With Valentines approaching The Mad Hatter and myself have been hard at work developing a new limited edition gin which would be most fitting for this most romantic of occassions!

Introducing my Limited Edition “The Gin To My Tonic” Strawberry Gin. Loaded with love, strawberry sweetness and juicy berry character, this tantalising small batch strawberry gin is smooth and indulgent.

We even went as far to distill this majestic premium gin into unique red bottles which were then laser engraved with a distinct design by The Queen Of Hearts (who knew of this creative talent she posesses!).

Each one has then been marked with it’s own, unique batch number. Limited to only 25 bottles – I must say it is the puurrfect gift for the gin lover in your life and one they will certainly cherish.

To top it off it comes delivered snugly resting in one of my special, luxorious Curious Cat gift boxes.

We have put a little video together for you kind folks so you can see just how supuurrb this bespoke vessel has turned out. I can also personally vouch for the intoxicating beauty and sweetness of the gin within. Hence why I would suggest that this is a most suitable gift for any romantic ocassion, not excluding Valentines Day (February the 14th gentlemen, February the 14th!)…

We have a very limited quanity of this delectable tipple left! So don’t be left high and dry come that special day – pick up your bottle without delay!

Until next time my dear friends…

Curious Cat.

Puurfect Xmas Drinks

Season’s greetings, my old friend!

Christmas is the perfect time to satisfy one’s curiosity and quench one’s thirst.

Here you will find a curation of my dear friend Mad Hatter’s splendid festive cocktails, so you can enjoy the perfect tipple from the comfort of your humble abode!

Get the festivities started with our Rhubarb Crème Anglaise. This heavenly combination of Curious Cat’s Rhubarb & Custard Gin and champagne is every bit as naughty as it is nice. The perfect alternative to the tired Buck Fizz whilst you open presents under the tree on Xmas morning…

Add some spirit to the holiday season with our Royal Spritz. It’s fit for a queen, and best-served ice cold on a frosty Christmas day. For myself, it makes for the purrfect pre-Christmas lunch apéritif…

Avoid Christmas the post Xmas lunch fatigue with our energising Mocha Espresso. This decadent coffee-based cocktail will give you the fuel you need to go all night long!

What better way to indulge your love of gin this Christmas!

If none of the above tickle your fancy take a peek at all of the Mad Hatter’s curious concoctions here.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Curious Cat.