Good tidings!

As a cat myself I am always being asked the following question… “what have you been doing to stave away boredom and mental anguish during the many lockdowns we have faced?” Well, the answer has always been simple – I keep myself busy in my distillery creating my much loved craft gins and rums, of course! But what about the other, less fortunate, feline fraternity – those poor souls who have found themselves trapped within the confines of their human’s abodes?

Probably not a lot, I hear you say! Well, I am convinced that this is not the case. To prove this point and to also give myself some much needed light relief, I have come up with a supuurrb idea…

I concocted a plan to bring myself joy and merriment at the expense of human endeavour, combining their weakness for feline friendship (unrequited on the whole, may I say!) and their love of social media based giveaway competitions (insert evil laugh here…)!

I would there like to raise a toast to my new scheme, ahem, Instagram competition…


Humans, I would like to see funny photos and videos of your favourite feline friends at home! I will be watching your productions and taking note, with a selection process taking place on Monday, 22nd March. My favourite three clips will be rewarded with a FREE spot at our next Open Virtual Tasting Event taking place on the Friday 26th March. This prize includes delivery of 6x5cl bottles from my collection of artisan gins, a branded Curious Cat Distillery gin glass, tasting notes and a place at our virtual table! With an RRP of £45 and a chance for a free virtual night out I would say it is a no brainer!

All you have to do to enter is create and upload a photo or video of your cat(s) engaged in strange, funny or down right bizarre activity within your home to Instagram – it’s as simple as that.

To be considered your photo or video must:
A. Be funny or seriously strange
B. Be uploaded as a post or shared as a story on Instagram (or both, each will count as an entry!)
C. Include #mylockdowncat and please do make sure you tag me in @cheshirecatdistillery

I look forward to your entries and the joy it will bring myself and my friends. We will also be sharing our favourites on our story too!

Goodbye and good luck…

Curious Cat.