Sherbet Dipper


Serves 2
The mother of all hangover cures – awaken your senses with this refreshing, zingy citrus based reviver!


50ml Lemon Sherbert
50ml Dry Curacao
50ml Lillet Blanc
50ml Fresh Lemon Juice


Add the Curious Cat Lemon Sherbet Gin, Dry Curacao, Lillet Blanc and fresh lemon juice into a shaker with ice and shake until cold. Strain into a wide coupe glass and garnish with a sherbet rim (sherbet dipper lollipop optional!).


Lemon Sherbet

70CL / 42% ABV

A zesty and refreshing artisan gin to liven up the palate. Curious Cat brings together the best of both worlds, sweet with a sharp bite. Infused with hand peeled lemon for an extra tang, sweet citrus notes give way to a sherbet fizz.

“Every adventure requires a first step…”

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